When it comes to creating a successful church website, there are a few key elements to keep in mind. One of the most important is ensuring that your site looks great and is easy to navigate. Not only will this keep your current members engaged and informed, but it can also help attract new visitors to your community. By creating a well-made website, you can effectively share your message and connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Here are 10 Church Website Elements you need

Clear and Engaging Header


For your church to make a lasting impression, it is highly encouraged to showcase your church’s name or logo in a prominent location at the page’s top. It is also essential to utilize a captivating design that accurately portrays your church’s identity.

Broadmead’s website header is highly impressive with its captivating images and welcoming message, effectively creating a sense of openness and inclusivity, especially for first-time visitors.

Welcome Statement


Craft a warm, inviting welcome message expressing your church’s essence and mission. Keep it concise and impactful to capture visitors’ attention. It sets the tone for visitors and helps them connect with your church’s mission. Craft a concise yet impactful welcome message that captures the essence of your church, inviting everyone to be part of your community. Showcase your welcome statement prominently on your homepage, and for an extra touch, link it to a video where visitors can experience the warmth and hospitality of your congregation firsthand.

Broadmead Church's Welcome Message

Broadmead’s warm and inviting welcome statement of their church.


Sermon Archive

On a church website, a sermon archive is a section where all the past sermons are stored and can be accessed by both the congregation and online visitors. The main aim of this archive is to provide a central location for people to revisit, engage with and access the teachings delivered during worship services. Here’s why a sermon archive is important:

Sermon Page - Church Website Elements

Walden Community incorporated the sermon from their YouTube channel into their Sermons & Blogs page.

Upcoming Events

Highlight upcoming events, worship services, and special gatherings. To encourage participation, provide essential details such as dates, times, and locations.

Broadmead Events Page - Church Website Elements

Broadmead event’s page.

Church Information

Include essential information about your church, such as location, service times, contact details, and links to social media accounts. Make it easy for visitors to connect and engage with your church.

Broadmead Contact Information

Broadmead’s contact information is easily accessible on the header and footer of their homepage.


Ministries and Programs

Highlight the various ministries, programs, and services your church offers. Give brief descriptions and direct visitors to dedicated pages for more information.


Church Website Elements

St Mary Oatlands has a page dedicated to their church activities.

Online Giving Platform


Make giving seamless and secure by integrating a user-friendly online donation platform, allowing members to contribute to your ministry anytime, anywhere.

Check out this blog post for online giving platforms you can integrate into your church website.


About Us Section

Briefly overview your church’s history, values, and beliefs. This helps visitors understand your church’s identity and what you stand for.

The Salvation Army Staple Hill About Us

Our website designs allow for the seamless integration of important elements. For instance, The Salvation Army Staple Hill has made its About Us information readily available on its homepage.

Call-to-Action (CTA)


Encourage visitors to take action, such as joining a small group, signing up for a newsletter, or attending an upcoming event. This church website element plays an important role to captivate visitors and encourage them to become more engaged in the community.

Church Website Elements

The home page of Street Pastors features compelling calls to action.


Mobile Responsiveness


It’s important to ensure that your website’s homepage is optimized for mobile devices since many people use their smartphones to browse the web. Ensure the design and layout are tailored to provide a smooth and seamless experience across different devices.


Remember, your church homepage serves as a virtual front door, making a powerful first impression. By including these essential church website elements, you can create a welcoming and informative online presence that effectively communicates your church’s values and engages visitors.

UKChurches specializes in designing, building, hosting, and maintaining church websites. Our support team can integrate these components into your website to reflect your church’s principles and captivate your audience. We’d be happy to assist you in getting your ideal and functional church website. Contact us today!